Me in a pot

I have been making ceramics since 2017 whilst completing my BA(Hons) in 3 Dimensional Design and Craft at the University Centre Colchester (Colchester School of Art) which I completed in June 2023.

Focusing on creating beautiful and interesting, functional and sculptural ceramics, I use life drawing, pareidolia, layering, patterns and mark making as inspiration for the decoration of my pieces.

The functional ceramics I make are created primarily on a potters wheel using white earthenware clay.
Whilst always playing an exploring new techniques for both making and decorating my work centres currently around three lines of work:

Torso Pots – Mugs and beakers, which I alter, when the clay is still soft, using my hands to push and smooth areas on the pot to create the details of the torso, sometimes adding clay to create nipples and/or belly buttons. These are decorated with either coloured slip or abstract sgraffito which are then clear glazed.  I have also started experimenting with a variety of earthenware glazes which creates a different look and feel to the pieces. On special occasions I add gold or silver lustre.

Agateware – To create this, I add a coloured stain (pigment) in to the clay directly, blending this to create a single colour of clay.  Layering this with other colours of clay and the original white earthenware, I then throw/turn these on the potters wheel employing chance which creates interesting marks throughout the piece. I use this process to create a variety of tableware.

Abstract Sgraffito – Again using white earthenware clay I make functional pieces which I decorate with coloured slip to create an abstract painting, then paint automatically on the top with black slip.  This creates interesting shapes which I read and react too, using sgraffito to create a variety of marks including: faces, bodies, animals, plants, patterns, fantasy creatures and any number of other things. The sgraffito cuts back and exposes the colours of the slip or the white clay underneath.

All the tableware/functional work I create is food safe.

Sculptures - I also create a small amount of coil built sculptures. These are 'almost' life size torso's, slab and coil built, created from life drawings. These are portrait pots of specific people, these include words that have been stamped into the surface of the sculpture which have meaning to the individual, creating a very personal sculpture.    

Examples of all these works can be seen in the Gallery.